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Frequent Asked Qustions

What can Back-Check measure? Back-Check allows you to monitor your posture while sitting at work or while driving, or while playing on your cell phone or tablet. Back-Check App corrects you when you sag into a stressful posture before you get pain in your back and neck.

When does it make sense to use Back-Check? If you regularly sit for more than 1 hour in your everyday life and work on the screen or drive a car. If your child is regularly busy with mobile data carriers for school or leisure.

For whom is the use of Back-Check useful? Starting with the daddling child and young people, in their free time as well as in school use, for students and professionals with a sedentary workplace in particular, as well as for seniors who still want to work on the screen.

How do I get the Back-Check app? Go to the app store on your smart device (mobile phone/tablet) and enter the search term "Back-Check App". From there you will be guided through the formal steps of your platform operator (Apple/Google).

How much does the back check app cost? Registration and use of the first three calendar days after the first use are free of charge. See link for details

How can I cancel Back-Check-App? Your contract with Back Check runs for one year from the conclusion of the contract. Shortly before the end of the contract you will be reminded that the contract is renewed. If you don't want this, you can cancel it now. If you don't respond, it will renew for another year.

Does Back-Check App also work offline? No, Back-Check App can only be used online because the detection software is web-based.

Wie kann ich Spine-Check-App löschen? Du gehst auf die Setup-Seite in der App und klicks ganz unte auf "Account Löschen" danach auf "bestätigen". Fertig

How does the back check app work? Once the app is installed on your device, you can open it by tapping it. Now you will be asked to register for free. Once you've completed the process, you're good to go. Your first session can begin. You now have one week to get to know the functions of the app. If you feel like you can improve your back pain with Back-Check-App, you can sign up for one of the packages and use the app with all functions for a year.

Can Back-Check App bug me or film me? NO, the app only has access to the lens of your device's front camera, but cannot record videos, it only recognizes three reference points (shoulders and tip of the nose) and measures their distances from one another. No film, file or recording is created during use, and there is also no contact with a server on which data can be stored.

Does back check app see my face? No, only the distinctive points nose and chin are noticed. The face remains unrecognized.

Does Back-Check-App also report when I drink coffee or lean forward? No, only static postures are assessed, faster movements are ignored.

How can I personalize the app? You can set the severity of the assessment to weak, medium, strong before each use.

What clothes can I wear when using the app? The only important thing is that the shoulders can be seen under the clothing, i.e. bulky jackets or coats interfere with the app. The hair should not flow past the shoulders.

What happens if I get up from my desk and disappear from the camera's field of view? The Back-Check app then pauses until you return and starts working again after you press the "Restart" button.

Do I always have to end the recording manually or does it end automatically? A session can be ended by tapping on the corresponding "End session" icon in the app. You can also exit the app by turning off your phone or by placing it on the screen. This will automatically close the app after about 30 seconds.

What happens if I pick up my cell phone during the recording, e.g. make a call? The app then pauses automatically and remains on standby until you call it up again by pressing the "Restart" button.

How does the app behave when the device is only operated with 3G (EDGE)? The app can function without problems even with low data availability. It jumps automatically when recognizing a known WLAN transmitter.

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